The Artemis VHU® (VHU stands for Virus Harvest Unit), is designed to increase the yield of your viral vector or viral vaccine manufacturing process.

Central to the VHU® technology is the use of a porous tubular membrane made of medical grade polyethylene membrane which allows the permeation of the viral vectors while retaining the cells in the bioreactor.

The VHU® system is provided with a “plug&play” single use assembly.

Evenly distributed media circulation is achieved by a built-in low-shear impeller, ensuring low shear stress and high cell viability.

The cell culture medium recirculates from the VHU® module into the cell culture vessel/bag where it takes up O2 to maintain high kLa in the cell culture.

The harvest stream containing the viral vector is drawn at specified rates into a refrigerated vessel for ensuring greater storage stability of the viral vector/vaccine.

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